When choosing an FBO on Maui there are two options. Signature and Atlantic(formerly Air Service Maui). What is an FBO? FBO stands for “Fixed Based Operator” which is where a private company is given permission by an airport to operate on its property to provide private jet services. If you are a private jet owner or hiring private jet services please continue to read as I have worked with both private jet services here on Maui. As a luxury Realtor here on Maui I assist a few of my clients with pickup and drop offs at the Maui airport(OGG).

When choosing which with service or FBO on Maui there are a number of factors to consider. Typically the most important factors are: price, quality of service, communication, and availability. My comparison analysis will be based on level of service and communication since that is where my experience has been as a luxury Realtor.

The first maui air charter I worked with was Atlantic formerly known as Air Service Maui. I had a great relationship with the management at Air Service Maui. The manager would assist with luxury car storage, rental cars, and offered a very high end concierge level of service. In 2022, Air Service Maui was bought by corporate FBO company, Atlantic. With the acquisition of Air Service came new management, and the level of service for Maui jet charters changed significantly. The option of vehicle storage changed, and the majority of management changed. With that management change came service level changes as well. Atlantic’s website declares their mission statement as “Happy people who love what they do are the secret to our success, and that’s why Atlantic invests so much in empowering our Atlantic staff to have fun and grow with us”

The other option is Signature Flight. I started working primarily with Signature at Maui Airport in 2022. Signature has a reputation of being the largest corporate FBO in aviation and is owned by NetJets. With a larger corporate owned company you might expect the level of service to be an issue, but they deliver high end consistent quality service. I understand their prices are slightly higher than Atlantic but they have a reputation of excellence and a longer history servicing private jets on Maui. Hopefully this article has helped you gather more information for your private jet service needs. If you have additional questions about private jet service on Maui or general questions about Maui Real Estate please contact me directly at pauljferrall@gmail.com or better yet, by phone at 808-563-3268.