While the Big Island’s Kona put Hawaii on the map for coffee, it’s not the only island that produces authentic Hawaiian java. Boasting rich volcanic soil that infuses beans with fruity and floral notes, it’s no surprise that Maui has over 50 coffee farms.

Maui’s southside is home to a unique and lively community alongside the water. Whether you find yourself in Kihei during a vacation or you’re a full-time resident, you’ve got to check out the town’s best local coffee shops. A coffee run is about more than just the coffee, right? It’s the atmosphere, the service, and the overall experience that keep us coming back for pours. Kihei has a collection of locally-owned coffee shops that you won’t find anywhere else, and each puts their own twist on Hawaiian coffee. You really can’t go wrong visiting any of Kihei’s local coffee shops, but here are a few that stand out from the rest.

Akamai Coffee Co.

Filled with regulars and tourists alike, this spot is a favorite on Maui. Akamai has curated a bright, island aesthetic, authentic even down to their 100% Hawaiian coffee blends. The decor is perfect for an Instagram photo op with white walls, lush green plants, and hanging chairs. Grab a Hawaiian Honey Bee Latte and stay awhile. You’ll likely talk story with the Maui community and baristas who never forget a friendly face. Rep Akamai in style with their t-shirts, hats, mugs, and other merch. 

Akamai has three locations. The Kihei location is one of the few local coffee shops on Maui with a drive-through. The Wailea location offers outdoor seating with an ocean view and an extensive breakfast menu. The Kahului location is a drive-through only mobile shop set up in the parking lot of Home Depot.

None of the Akamai locations offer wifi, as the shop encourages customers to unplug and connect with those around them. This concept combined with a welcoming atmosphere and the friendliest staff makes for the ultimate local coffee experience on Maui. 

Visit Akamai

Kihei: 1325 S. Kihei Rd. #100 | Wailea: 116 Wailea Ike Dr. | Kahului: 100 Pakaula St.

Java Cafe

Whether you’re in the mood for coffee, cold-pressed juices, or a full-on breakfast, Java Cafe has something for everyone! Java markets itself as an Internet Cafe, but the warm interior offers a welcoming experience for both working and hanging out. Outside the shop, a covered patio allows you to enjoy some Maui sun while you sip. Java Cafe’s extensive menu of drinks, smoothies, artisanal pastries, and food sets it apart from other coffee shops. Their juices are made from fresh Maui produce, and their beans are Social Hour Maui Sunrise from a local roaster. A visit to Java Cafe is a great way to kickstart the day while also supporting local Maui vendors!

Visit Java Cafe

1279 S Kihei Rd #301

Da Green Coffee Bar

What started as a coffee cart turned into a scenic coffee house with a vibrant Hawaiian feel. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of South Kihei Road, this shop is an oasis that feels like you’re in the lush jungles of Hana without ever leaving Kihei! Da Green is one of three coffee shops in the United States to offer suspended coffee, a program where you can buy your own cup of coffee and pay it forward to bless someone in the community with a cup of coffee free of charge. Enjoy a Cafe Latte and fresh avocado toast on locally-made bread surrounded by the greenery of the South Maui Gardens. You can sit at one of the tables underneath the palm trees or walk around and explore other local shops including Blue Door Bread Company, Farmacy Food Truck, and Kitoko Maui. There’s even a local Farmers Market to enjoy on Thursday mornings. 

Visit Da Green Coffee Bar

33 Auhana Rd.

Kraken Coffee

Located inside the Kihei Food Truck Park, Kraken makes the perfect first stop before heading out for the day’s adventure. You can swing through the drive-through window if you’re in a time crunch, but if you’re on island time, take it easy at the picnic tables. Looking to try a fun, local drink? Kraken’s most popular drink is the Mocha Wao, a white chocolate macadamia nut mocha. Also worth noting: their coffee ice cubes. Kraken freezes cold brew into cubes so that your coffee won’t be watered down like it is by regular ice!

Visit Kraken Coffee

1 Piikea Ave.

More than Coffee

While Kihei has no shortage of amazing coffee joints, what really stands out about these four shops is the community that gathers inside. No matter which of Kihei’s best local coffee spots you choose to visit, the Aloha spirit will draw you in, giving you a glimpse into the welcoming Hawaiian lifestyle enjoyed by residents. 
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