If you’re ready to upgrade your vacation golf game, you can’t miss out on a Maui golf experience. Bright green fairways offset by the deep blue of the Pacific Ocean and lined with vibrant tropical foliage make for some of the most scenic rounds you’ll ever play. Depending on the time of year you’re teeing off, you could even spot some whales splashing in the distance! South Maui is known for temperate weather, and the island sunshine and consistent ocean breeze ensure perfect golfing weather nearly year-round. To make the most of a true destination golf experience during your stay in Kihei, Wailea, or Makena, check out these courses in South Maui.

Wailea Golf Club

The Wailea Golf Club has three courses (Gold, Blue, and Emerald) that vary in topography and difficulty. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re a seasoned solo golfer or a group of friends booking a round for a wedding weekend celebration. The club describes the three courses as a “tropical playground”—what more could you ask for? Check out their web-cam for an up-close look at what the courses have to offer. 

Wailea Gold

The Wailea Gold has repeatedly been recognized as one of the best resort courses in America. The longest and most challenging of the Wailea Golf Courses, this manicured yet rugged course will put your skills to the test. Rolling green hills make for a challenge while providing an unforgettable view of the island. At the Gold, you’re following in the steps of pros who have played here, including Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, and Gary Player. 

Wailea Blue

This course is marked by its “charm and challenge.” It ranks in the middle of the Wailea courses in terms of difficulty. With breathtaking panoramic views, this is a golf experience you won’t forget. Among the vibrant tropical flora are ancient stone walls that have been incorporated into the course’s design, set against the backdrop of Haleakala Volcano. The Blue’s wide fairways provide a more forgiving layout, with lots of sand surrounding the greens. 

Wailea Emerald

The Emerald hosts players of all skill levels with a range of opportunities based on the player, and four to six tee boxes on every hole. The club explains that this course “enables players to tailor the round to their individual skill levels.” The elevation changes result in a variety of views and will leave you with a sense of accomplishment upon completion, no matter what the scorecard says. The Emerald is also easy on the eyes, with a consistent view of the ocean available throughout the course. Tucked away from the roads, you’ll enjoy a more private game when playing on Emerald.

Maui Nui Golf Club

If you’re looking for a more local golf experience a bit further from the grounds of your resort, Maui Nui prides itself in being “Maui’s Most Fun and Affordable Golf Course.” The low-cost aspect of this course draws visitors and locals alike, yet Maui Nui still provides the kind of quality game you’d expect to find on Maui.

Located just above Kihei rising upward toward Haleakala Volcano, the views of the island’s south side provide an alluring backdrop. The fairway is open, generous, and features a nice variety of landscape. One of Maui Nui’s most noteworthy features is its Toptracer Technology Driving Range. This range is the only full-length range on the island, and the integrated technology enhances the experience. Toptracer Technology utilizes video monitors at each bay that are connected to a video camera at the driving range. The monitors track and replay the flight of your ball and showcase statistics like speed and distance. This technology provides a driving range encounter that is both fun and informative for golfers who want to work on the nuances of their game. 

Golfing in Paradise

At the end of the day, you can’t go wrong picking a course—after all, you’re golfing in paradise. If you’re on Maui for an extended amount of time, you may enjoy trying out the different courses for an array of games with magnificent views. Golfing in South Maui is the perfect way to take advantage of the pleasant weather and spend a day surrounded by the island’s diverse beauty. If you’re looking to enjoy golf or any of the other plethora of amenities available on Maui on a more permanent basis, don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’d welcome the opportunity to help you begin your home search and provide further information about living on Maui, whether our conversation takes place over the phone, in the office, or on the course!